Connecting California Educators to their Professional Community

What is Collaboration in Common?

Great educators all over California are developing innovative ways to meet the unique needs of their students. Unfortunately, so often this innovation occurs in isolated pockets. That’s where Collaboration in Common (CiC) comes in.

Not just another place to access resources, Collaboration in Common connects educators from across California to the best resource available to them: other educators. Collaboration in Common allows educators, teams and organizations to discover colleagues and communities, and curate, organize, and share resources to further professional learning.

Who is Collaboration in Common for?

Collaboration in Common is designed to support the collaborative needs of California’s county offices, districts, site administrators, and individual teachers. Collaboration in Common facilitates organization, communication and resource sharing across geographic areas through teams and collections, as well as the ability to create virtual structures that mirror administrative structures.

How to get started with
Collaboration in Common

Each individual or organization has their own unique needs, but getting started is easy! If you are an individual or an institution, and are familiar with resource sharing platforms and social media, our Self-Serve option would be the right fit for you. Additional information and guidance are available through our drop-in Webinars.

Institutions can get help thinking through needs and organizational structure by Requesting a Training. If you are interested in deeper engagement and want to join CiC as a Content Partner, we would be excited to work with you on the right next steps.



Teachers, Administrators, Staff, Coaches


CA Educational Organizations

Schools, Districts, County Offices, State-Level Organizations


Partner Organizations

Does your organization work with educators in California to support their professional learning? If so, we would love to partner with you!

Resources, Press, & Social Media

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